Friday, June 24, 2011

Will Travelodge losing my email mean I use them less?

Today's news says that Travelodge have lost some emails that have been used for spam has led to a few blog posts and tweets from people saying that they won't trust Travelodge again, but I wonder...

No surprise, as I've stayed at a few, I received an email from Travelodge this morning saying that my email address may have been compromised and I may receive a spam message and giving me advice on keeping safe online and apologising.  Meanwhile, they informed the UK Information Commissioners Office themselves for possible investigation and fine.

So, do I trust them less?  Actually no.

I'm pleased that they told me, I'm pleased that they apologised, no doubt they will be investigating the data breach and put in better systems and they have "dobbed themselves in" for possible investigation.

Obviously, I'd rather they hadn't lost my email address, but no credit card data was lost and to be honest, my email address is pretty public and almos anyone's phone number and home address are publicly available through phone books, BT's website,, the electoral roll - so is this really a huge data breach?

In fact, by admitting to being at fault, I feel comforted that I have dealt with a professional organisation who admits mistakes and tries to rectify them as much as possible. Compare that with the organisations who try desperately to hide all breaches, so you, as a customer, have no idea if they have lost your data to someone else.

I'll happily stay at a Travelodge, any time, anywhere.  Thank you for dealing with this in a professional manner.  I hope other organisations will admit to failings quickly, clearly and learn from the mistakes and I welcome this week's announcement from the government on a disclosure law - a shame it is even necessary, but sadly it is while other organisations try to hide their mistakes.

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